BRAVO Freekà !

BRAVO Freekà !

Oh Lord ! 

I am not the easily impressed type of person. I barely comment usually... but I must say, you guys swept me off my feet and blew my mind away.. Hats off FreekA !.. A L'entendre and Buttonbrothers production.

My heart is literally still beating really fast over what happened that past weekend. I mean i was excited to fly from Brisbane in the name of African fashion (as always), but this event really surpassed all my exceptions. From the warm welcoming my baby boy and I received when we got to the studio roughly at past 11am, to all the attention we've received throughout the day during fittings and rehearsals, and even during the show.. All we've dealt with was smilng people, excited people, caring people. All of you were adorable. It was lovely to see some faces I've met or worked with before and a bunch of new ones. The vibe was extremely positive, I felt comfortable straight away. We were all there to simply support one another, empower one other and together deliver a bombshell, a good damn one.

The location was a pearl. I think it was just the perfect size, not too big not too small. It felt warm once guest started to take seats. I loved how you've styled it. It was kept very sober all in white, simple, with flower arrangements here and there and aligned zebra gift bags. Neat ! The show itself was spectacular. I enjoyed the balance between the line up of talented designers and entertainment. The performance by Cirque Africa was outstanding. I strongly doubt this guy have bones seriously. During the intercourse, I went and say hi to the Afrofeast Food truck guys. Having them there was a brilliant idea in my opinion.  It was something different. They were selling yummy African street food at very reasonable prices. If i had to pick, the WOW effect for me was the finale by far. High five to Buttonbrothers. The smoke, the lighting, the music choice, the catwalk and of course the clothes... you should have seen the audience, it was a complete shut down ! Well done.

As a designer, I appreciated how smoothly were things happening backstage. You always hear stories of how crazy things can get behind the scenes of a runway. Not there. Everything was perfectly coordinated and the run sheet was being followed to the letter. 

Thanks you Mati and Tapi for having me. Freekà was a serious production and i hope there will be more to come.

Thank you Billy, you were sharp and on point as a coordinator, it was great to meet you. Thank you to all the models fore wearing "Entre-Deux" with so much fierceness and elegance. Thanks to you too hairstylist and make up artist, you've definitely got fairy hands. And finally, last but not least thank you goes to the photographers for capturing these memorable moments.

Photo credits to Litt up Photography, Opazo Photography, James Juranke

Until next time..


On the road again..  Freeka Runway

On the road again.. Freeka Runway

2015 came along..

And i gave birth to a gorgeous little boy. Of course he kept me busy and away from designing and showcases for a bit.. ahhh Motherhood (L) ..

I am glad to announce my participation this month at the Freeka Runway Melbourne !

A wonderful African night is ahead for sure..

Promotion ad for this event:


Spot on.. Comme des Michelle

Today, we had an amazing photoshoot collaboration with the very talented photographer Michelle Neale of "Comme des Michelle".. 

I personally love shooting with her and i would recommend her services to anyone no jokes !!! She is passionate about what she does which tends to make her extremely patient, calm and agreable.  She does as well listen carefully to your directive to ensure you are satisfied with the final outcome.

The theme for the the shoot was 'Ladies in the City'. Beautiful city women from different backgrounds hanging out together and proudly rocking African prints. Yes, because it is always about African Fashion for me :) ..

Shooting in Brisbane City amongst the crowd on a very busy Melbourne Cup day was a great idea !  All eyes were litterally on the models and their outfits. Many stopped to ask about the fashion label even. Oups I'm blushing :*) it felt like a tiny little step closer to greatness every single time..

It was a fun and easy going workflow. Everyone did very well. I did enjoy myself and so did the girls. 

A very special thank to all the gorgeous models ( Matu Bordolo aka 'The Face' , Ameena Payne, Raissa, Florence Clauwaert and Claire) that came along and of course to you too Michelle Neale.

It would not have been possible without you all.  I deeply appreciated <3

Stunning images to come soon.. Here is a little bit of behind the scenes for you guys ! Enjoy



AFWM 2014

Ohhh AFRICA FASHION WEEK MELBOURNE 2014 was definately worth the trip !! It was heaps of fun and absolutly lovely to meet everyone .. im glad to have been chosen to participate in this year festivities. Thank you all..

A+ African Fashion Show 2014 - July 12th Brisbane ∞ THANK YOUUU ALL

As I am slowly waking up, everything starts to sink in.. It has indeed happened last night.. I got to finally reveal my little baby, my collection, my statement .. It was an incredible night full in emotions and I could not thank enough A+ and Sam Sun for this beautiful opportunity but as well and most importantly to my heart the team behind me that pushed me, that hold me together, supported me and delivered a mad runway show. To my literally dedicated right and left hands backstage Showdear Buomb Galou and Bukie Agothwords cannot express my gratitude enough, I simply love you guys . To my magical make up artists Rebecca Bwormoi and Rebecca Winkworth , your work speak for itself you made them all look fantastic, you are amazing. To my outstanding models, Matu BordoloAurélia NoëlLaurette Chala,Elizabeth SotiriaCecile PeilleMaya GolryNyarai ChapsMJ Jeannine KambereDex TerGoay Ya Boii, Ben J Lettreb, Gaagaa Chol Naya Bei Maejor Oh Lord you guys are my proud, you are my stars each and single one of you. You rocked it ! Thank you for being in this journey with me. Special thanks to Nadiah Idris and her girls for choosing to wear OrlaDee. Last but not least, the most humble thank goes to my second half Daniel Dee, thank you for staying up so late all these nights with me baby, thank you for your unconditional love and franc opinion always, you are definately the man behind this boss lady . To all those that attented the show, thank you and don't hesitate to tell me what you thought of the collection. Until next time.. x