Today, we had an amazing photoshoot collaboration with the very talented photographer Michelle Neale of "Comme des Michelle".. 

I personally love shooting with her and i would recommend her services to anyone no jokes !!! She is passionate about what she does which tends to make her extremely patient, calm and agreable.  She does as well listen carefully to your directive to ensure you are satisfied with the final outcome.

The theme for the the shoot was 'Ladies in the City'. Beautiful city women from different backgrounds hanging out together and proudly rocking African prints. Yes, because it is always about African Fashion for me :) ..

Shooting in Brisbane City amongst the crowd on a very busy Melbourne Cup day was a great idea !  All eyes were litterally on the models and their outfits. Many stopped to ask about the fashion label even. Oups I'm blushing :*) it felt like a tiny little step closer to greatness every single time..

It was a fun and easy going workflow. Everyone did very well. I did enjoy myself and so did the girls. 

A very special thank to all the gorgeous models ( Matu Bordolo aka 'The Face' , Ameena Payne, Raissa, Florence Clauwaert and Claire) that came along and of course to you too Michelle Neale.

It would not have been possible without you all.  I deeply appreciated <3

Stunning images to come soon.. Here is a little bit of behind the scenes for you guys ! Enjoy